Tuesday, August 2

Dirty Old Hives

I've been putting off cleaning up the Lang hives...
afraid what I might find.
Turns out I had a reason to be afraid...
and what are these borings from anyway...?
or what on earth could have caused this...?
I did find a queen cell and a few live worms...
What business do these worms have in my hives?
Hopefully I can make some use of the hives.

Friday, July 29

Round Comb Paint Job

I painted the round comb super (top) yellow
and also stripped paint off some bars from the top bar hive.

Wednesday, July 27

Used Top Bar HIve

Went to Niwot to purchased a used top bar hive for $55. Gal built it herself from used cabinet wood. She also filled me with lots of information to get started using the hive, catching a swarm, and extracting honey and wax.

Thursday, July 14

Langstroth Inspection

A closer inspection into the Langstroth hives I bought... hopefully I can clean them up.

Monday, July 11

Paint Stripping

Not sure if this stuff is safe for the bees, but gave it a try anyway. Not sure it was worth the trouble.

Saturday, June 11

Used Langstroth Hives

Went out to Brighton to look at some Langstroth hives at the strawberry patch. Should have left when I saw the mess, but I wanted a hive so much that I was talked into buying two full hives plus a round comb box, two suits with veils and gloves, a hive tool and other miscellaneous trinkets.
What's a good price for very used Langs?

Saturday, April 30

Boulder County Swarm Dates

1. April 30th
2. May 10th
3. May 20th
4. June 1st
5. June 10th
6. July 15th

Is it typical for bees to swarm about every 10 days?

Friday, March 11

World Honey

At one beekeeping class, the teacher brought in her collection of honey from all over the world.
There must have been at least 30 different flavors. Experiencing all that diversity in honey sparked an interest for us. During our latest trip we collected honey from . . . 
and Israel. 
Our three favorites are orange, million flowers and the Israeli honey on the far left.
The least favorites were the French lavender (top) and the nut honeys which were too strong.

Saturday, March 5

Israeli Hives

Since taking the beekeeping class, we have enjoyed finding beehives wherever we go. Here are foreign hives we saw along the road while heading up to Galilee, Israel.