Friday, July 26

Last Comb

Fed bees another quart of 2:1 sugar to water; leftover syrup from canning apricots.
Bar #14 is finished but no other combs are started.

Wednesday, July 24

Wednesday, July 17

Drone Strike

This morning I awoke to NPR's news of a drone strike. Sure enough I went out this afternoon and there was a number of drones getting evicted again.

Saturday, July 13

Flight School

A buzzing commotion at the hive.
Bees are at the entrance landing fanning with tails up .... orientation flight.
A new brood has hatched and ready for foraging.

Wednesday, July 10

Dead Bees and New Comb

This time I fed them 1 quart of syrup. I noticed a dead bee get drug out and then looked on the ground to find dead bees scattered on the ground.

Bar #14 is just started.
Bar #13 is half comb.
Bar #12 is full comb.

Thursday, July 4