Saturday, June 22

Inspection noVideo

Today was the last day before the rains were to start up again. I have wanted to get in since seeing the dead larva outside the hive. I haven't noticed anything else to be concerned about from the outside view, but it has been several weeks since I have made an inspection and I was curious how they were really doing.
As always, my inspection didn't start until late in the evening. I suited up while the cameraman setup his station and got the smoker puffing. The bees were very calm. My boys were walking around me in their bare feet the whole time, making me think I was overdressed. Sometimes they even stood directly in front of the entrance. They have no fear. Neither of them have they been stung before.
I really wanted to upload the boring video, but it was too large.
Inspection Report:
8:00 pm - 8:20 pm
mostly cloudless sky
Bar #0 - new full comb, most empty, uncap honey at top
Bar  #1 - front full cap brood, back sparse cap brood
Bar  #2 - front 2/3 cap brood, back 1/2 cap brood, some uncap larva, festooning
Bar  #3 - 1/3 cap brood
Bar  #4 - drone comb, uncap honey at top, many empty cells
Bar  #5 - 3/4 cap brood
Bar  #6 - 1/3 cap scattered brood, larva
Bar  #7 - 1/3 cap scattered brood
Bar  #8 - empty, few cap brood on bottom
Bar  #9 - heavy, 1/2 cap misc, some cap drone, some uncap honey
Bar #10 - eggs, few cap drone, 1/3 uncap honey at top 
Bar #11 - new comb, 1/3 uncap honey, rest empty
Bar #12 - 1/2 new comb, uncap honey at top, rest empty, festooning
Bar #13 - tiny new comb, empty, festooning
Bar #14 - no comb, festooning
Bar #15 - no comb, few bees
Notes: quarter patty 1/2 consumed, replaced pint feeder syrup, no queen found

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