Wednesday, April 24

Dead Larva!

Clear skies, 48 degrees.
I went out at 8:30 am. There was little activity.
A few bees were at the entrance with this larva. The larva was not chalky, but was squishy.
I opened the cover and found several ants on the bars again. I would sweep them off and several more would quickly emerge. I swept about 10 strokes before the ants quit emerging. I took four bars out from the back of the hive for this photo.
The syrup feeder was almost empty.  I replaced it with syrup from earlier mixed batches (about 2s:1w). I had to scrape up a mess of crumby-syrup (see upper-right). There were about 6 bees drowning in the mess. I didn't have the best tools for the job, so I scraped it into a pile and put most on the plywood board with the camera attached. Also found larva (see lower-left). This larva was also not chalky, but wet and squishy.
The mess is located in the back of the hive on the south side. The hive leans to the southwest. The crumby-syrup mess smells like rotten candy. I did not add the new patty, because the last one looks untouched. Perhaps they don't need the patties any longer? The colony is barely two weeks old.

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