Thursday, April 18

Comb Growth

At 6:30 pm I went out and saw several bees doing the washboard effect.
They were licking the landing of the entrance. The video I took was too blurry worth posting.

Isn't he handsome?!
Making our nightly visit (without opening the hive for once) via the webcam. Here is a photo inside. The feeder jar can be seen (two-thirds full) on the right of the picture. Using photos from this morning and tonight we could see that the comb in front had grown about half an inch today.
When the webcam is in use it gives the inside of the hive a blue glow, seen here. I wonder what the bees think of the light. They don't seem too bothered. If only I had a better camera to get an inside view from this angle. Readers will have to put up with our Canon PowerShot SX130 IS for now and our limited photography skills.

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