Tuesday, April 9

Day 2 Summary

Bees kept me awake - worrying over comb placement and no food.
At 4:00 am, I got on Amazon.com and ordered a 10-lb. package of substitute pollen patty from BeePro. I went out at 7:00 am to make my changes: swapping the small and large used comb. The bees were clustered around the queen. There were no bees at the entrance.
By noon, the bees were active and may have been for a few hours.
I took a few photos every 1-2 hours throughout the day.
Forgot to set out water, though not a problem as we back to wetland. I grabbed a tinfoil pan and bent a peninsula in and set it out with some azaleas in to attract the bees. I saw bees do their dances on the front of the hive, but did not see any bees bringing in pollen.
The boys went out a few times to observe the bees.
By 6:00 pm there was very little activity in front and round the hive. I could not see any guard bees (like I thought I had seen before). There were more bees entering the hive than exiting. Must be coming in for the night. By 7:30 pm there were no more bees returning. We made up  sugar-water (2:1) syrup and called it a night.

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