Monday, April 8

The Point of No Return

My handsome husband arrived home with the package at 6:00 pm and set it on the kitchen counter so we could get acquainted. After dinner he took them into the garage to remove the queen cage. Only a few bees escaped and flew into the house, which we later captured and set free. My husband went outside and installed the queen between bars # 4 and # 5. And we both went out right after to install the bees. Outside temperature was about 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
Since I would be home most of the time with the bees, it was important for me to do the installing and get used to the bees or let the bees get used to me. At 7:30 pm I suited up and went outside to install. We got the smoker lit and it shortly went out. We sprayed a little sugar syrup (2w:1s), but generally forgot it.
Here I hit the bees on the ground, getting ready to dump them and then my husband (who's on the deck) says it's okay to just set the whole box in the hive.
I was a little nervous anyway and decided setting the box inside was a good alternative. All went fairly smoothly, finishing up around 8:00 pm.
Here they are with the sugar syrup propped upside down next to the package.
Closing up the hive for the night. Here the clock starts at 00 Hours.
The green bar just under my blurry hand is the false wall. I had to set it back a little more than half-way to fit the box inside and not have it too close to the queen or bumping into the two drawn comb that came with the hive.

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