Thursday, April 11

Little Tidbits

My husband went out to check on the hive at 8:00 am. No trace of bees at the entrance or back of hive. It was 44 degrees. With a little reading online, I understand that the hive is inactive when temperatures drop below 50 degrees or rise above 100 degrees.
At 10:00 am and cloudy skies the temperature had risen 2 degrees and there was very little activity. The forecast is for 60 degrees and mostly sunny.
Here is another orientation of the apiary, looking over the covered deck. The bees fly from the front of the hive up over the back fence and then on to their destinations.
I find myself going out to the hive every couple of hours, just to get another tidbit of information. I went out at 11:30 am and witnessed a few bees with pollen! I wish I had painted a ruler on the hive.

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